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Qld transport requires the certification and addition of a modification plate for many vehicle changes in Qld.


This may include but is not limited to

Equivalent Engine Substitution / Engine replacements

Performance Engine Installation (

Supercharger \ Turbocharger Installation

Engine Modifications

Transmission / gear box Substitution

Rear Axle Substitution including diff lockers

Brake System Conversions – from drum brake to disk brake etc

Roof Conversions including additions of sunroof, or soft top.

Modified Wheelbase Conversion (to allow for wider tyres)

Vehicle Construction

Body Chassis Variants Conversion

Campervan and Motor home Conversion

Seat and Seat Belt Installation for vans, trucks and cars

Child Restraint Anchorage Installation, child seat anchor points and safety mounts

Roll Bar and Roll Cage Installation

Aftermarket Roll Cage and Roll Over Protection System Installation

Motorcycle and Three Wheeled Vehicles Seating Capacity Alteration

Fuel Tank Alteration – increasing or decreasing fuel tank or adding dual fuel tanks

LHD Vehicle Steering Conversion – converting a steering system from rack and pinion to power steering.

Front Suspension and Steering Conversion _ High Lift conversions

Rear Suspension Conversion -High lift conversions

High Lift – 50mm o 125mm (Modification) from ring packed suspension to coil spring suspension


Fines apply for not having modification plates

Don’t get caught out modifying your vehicle without consulting an expert mobile mechanic for the requirements and having your legally approved modification plate installed after a full assessment of your vehicle. Contact your local Brisbane mobile mechanic today.



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