We are expert at offering high-quality generator repair and maintenance services on both diesel and petrol! If you have any type of problem with your generator, whether it’s mechanical damage, oil replacement, engine related issues, we are your one stop-shop.
Regularly maintaining your diesel or petrol generator ensures security of power. Whether you use it for power generation or emergency back-up, it is necessary to have it perform at full load. Our team of experienced and qualified technicians will perform any routine maintenance or completely re-build your generator to make sure it performs efficiently when required.
If you are in need of a proficient generator repair and maintenance service, contact us immediately!

Why choose Us?

Well why not? I am a qualified car, tractor, motorcycle, lawn mower, whipper snipper and Ride on Mower mechanic with many years experience, I work at home and have everything I need neatly organised in my many toolboxes, I also have extensive knowledge of many different motors and engines ranging from Chainsaws to Mining Trucks.

Service and Repairs on all Lawn Maintenance Machinery, Chain Saws, Tractors, Cars to light trucks Diesel and petrol.

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